Beautiful Broken Bits: Cocoa Beach, FL

One sultry Sunday evening I sat cross-legged at the beach discussing the wonders of God in the place where He first truly connected with me.

I believe He is a personal God who craves a close relationship with us.  The beach and the ocean have always been a special place for us, because as a surfer I feel His embrace and love with every wave I ride.  His voice calms me in the soothing ebb and flow of the tide, and other times I get slammed by the His truths in the form of powerful, exploding waves.  There I effortlessly draw close and His presence is tangible.

This is common among surfers who believe, so when my friend told me he had started a Bible study on Sunday nights at the Pier and I was free, I gravitated towards were my soul often drew me.

In the warm light of the sunset, we talked about the sand and how it came to be. Weathering processes such as wind, rain and freezing/thawing cycles break down rocks and minerals into smaller grains which becomes sand.  Therefore, sand is countless broken parts of what was once whole.  However, as the master artist would have it, all of these broken bits join with trillions of others to create the beach.  These fractured pieces make up a land mass so majestic and complete; full of exquisite beauty.  We discussed an even more remarkable miracle, that when all of these tiny particles come together they are strong enough to stop the ocean!

I thought about the weathering process of life that people go through.  I have been broken down by living in this world, and often feel like a small fraction of what I once was.  I am broken by my sin and left empty, searching to fill the void.  Yet God had a plan in Jesus Christ to rescue me from my brokenness.  He shines through my mistakes and imperfections.  And when I join with other believers we build each-other up and become stronger than we could ever be on our own.  Strong enough to stop the ocean!

The greatest artist could not draw a more perfect picture of what He created the church to be.  My heart beats for moments like this on the beach or in the sea; when the Lord reveals a perspective changing tid-bit, and I fall deeper in love with Him.

You are invited to join the small group discussions on Sunday nights at the Pier in Cocoa Beach.  For more information, like and follow ISurfForver on Facebook.